Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT)

SALT Mission Statement:

The Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) works to unite the Bladensburg High School community through our passion for athletics and rally support from the student body.


The Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) is striving to enhance energy and enthusiasm in to Bladensburg Athletics and its tradition of success.

SALT works to unite the community through passion for athletics and rally support from the student body. While the general assembly consists of members representing every team, SALT has a more concrete board of 5 members that represents underclassmen and upperclassmen. The board coordinates spirit events and creates a forum for student athletes to voice their concerns or opinions about things occurring in the athletic department.

The board holds monthly leadership meetings that all members are required to attend. Coaches in the athletics department sign up for a date to come and speak to SALT regarding a specific characteristic of leadership they find important. The coaches make the meetings consistently hands on and engaging.

Although SALT membership does not include the entire 1,300 student-athlete population at Bladensburg, those who have been chosen to be apart of it are clear leaders who are actively engaged in the community and have proven to be excellent examples to others.

How To Apply:

Currently, all members are to apply with a board member or AD Silverman to be a part of the General Membership.

Meetings and Involvement:

SALT Board Members meet frequently with the athletic director to be heard about all of the SALT initiatives and concerns.  They work hand in hand on school leadership opportunities.  

Board Members meet monthly, to discuss agenda items for the upcoming month’s school’s events. Meeting dates are determined by members of the SALT.

Team Representatives meet monthly to go through a leadership workshop and information session via a new coaching staff or faculty member.  During these meetings, the Team Representatives are to take what the learned and apply them to their individual teams alongside their Head Coach and Team Captains.  They also serve as liaisons for information to be passed to teams from the Board Members of SALT.

SALT Executive Board Members:

Ma. Theresa Ebarita

Tony Garcia

Tyler Harrison

Jason Martinez